Shamanic Breathwork™

Shamanic Breathwork™ is a shamanic psycho-spiritual healing modality that combines ancient shamanic teachings with Breathwork practices and ceremony.  The work is used to invoke a journey in which the “breather” reaches an altered state of consciousness and is able to release energetic blockages to his or her well-being and self-expression, as well as access spirit guides, inner-knowing and wisdom.

The Shamanic Breathwork™ journey is invoked by a cyclical, rhythmic breath in combination with evocative chakra-attuned music. When necessary, light body work may be practiced by the facilitator to enhance embodiment of the “breather’s” journey and experience.  The process also includes processing of the experience into one’s daily life by engaging in a verbal sharing and other creative means of expression such as drama work, energy work and mandala drawing.

People who have experienced the Shamanic Breathwork™ process have reported an increase in well-being and an embodied sense of empowerment.  They also report having enhanced clarity, significant encounters with spirit guides, and deep insights that later have translated into tangible positive outcomes in various areas of life.
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The process is also used to release traumatic experiences held in the body that, normally, can take years to heal such as PTSD, long-term depression, anxiety and addictions. By using the breath, one moves beyond the ego, the mind, rigid defense mechanisms and thinking patterns. One is able to encounter the guiding voice within and the motivation and power to heal.

Shamanic Breathwork™ is offered in group and/or individual sessions in New York City as well as other locations around the world.

There are workshops ranging from weekly 2-hour workshops to 3-day retreats or 2-hour private individual sessions. Smadar also provides trainings toward certification of Shamanic Ministry and Shamanic Breathwork™ facilitation.  For more information about Smadar’s offerings, visit the upcoming events page.

Private Shamanic Breathwork™ Sessions:

The Breathwork session starts with an exploration of your intention and goal for the session and progresses to a breathing section in which you will be guided to make use of a rhythmic breath, release stuck energy and open channels for your spirit to guide and heal you. The session includes processing of your experience into your daily life and ends with relaxation and grounding. A private session is a great opportunity to make your own sacred time and space in which healing can occur. Length of in-person session is up to two hours.

Group Breathwork Sessions:

Breathwork Healing Circle:
The Breathwork Healing Circle is designed to assist participants in connecting and aligning with their spirit while recognizing and getting rid of emotional, mental and energetic blockages to achieving one’s goals. The circle starts with an informational talk around a certain topic, followed by breathing using an ancient breathing method and then processing of the experience into your daily life.

Womb Healing Circle:
The Women Womb Healing Circle is designed to assist women in connecting with their inner voice and power. The process includes identifying and releasing toxic emotions and energies and opening pathways to self-expression on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Conceiving and giving birth to ideas, projects, careers, relationships and more through clearing and opening of the womb. The Circle includes information, movement, mediations, Breathwork, shares and processing of one’s experience in a supportive and safe environment.

About Smadar as a Shamanic Breathwork™ Master practitioner:
Smadar Yaish, a Certified Shamanic Breathwork Master Practitioner and a Shamanic Minister. She spent 3 years in a Shamanic Intentional Community located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.  Smadar became a lead trainer of the Shamanic Healing Initiatory process (S.H.I.P) of Venus Rising Association for Transformation and founded the Bear Medicine Spiritual Community of Venus Rising.  This non-profit organization is devoted to providing psycho-spiritual studies and transformational workshops combining Breathwork, shamanic practices and transpersonal psychology. Smadar, who has been a psychotherapist for over 20 years, creates a warm, safe and sacred space for others to overcome traumas, old programing and false beliefs, while holistically engaging in the process of healing, combining body, mind, heart and spirit.

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