Psychotherapy is designed to assist you in addressing and healing the core and root of the issues that cause you discomfort, difficulty and challenge.

My therapeutic sessions are designed to create a safe space for you to explore and resolve the obstacles that stand of your way to living a healthy and fulfilling life. You might join therapy to resolve a current crisis or to progress to the next level of fulfillment.

Issues that might be addressed in therapy may include the following: relationship difficulties, emotional challenges, anxieties, depression, major life transitions such as unemployment, career changes and divorce, as well as issues of addictive behavior or other challenges.

I make use of various modalities and adjust the therapeutic interventions to meet your unique needs and style of relating. My extensive clinical experience with individuals and groups along with my wealth of experience with alternative modalities provide my clients with the opportunity to take an active part in the therapeutic process and bring about positive, lasting changes.

To discuss options and /or schedule an appointment, contact Smadar Yaish at 828-550-5636 or