Coaching Testimonials

“The coaching process has been extraordinarily helpful in bridging the gap, between thinking about my goals and making them into reality. I can see the tangible benefits of this process in my professional success (increased salary, growing title and satisfaction) and the fulfillment in my personal life (increased pleasure with love, family and friends).”
Ariel K., Social Worker, New York

“Coaching has been physically, emotionally and spiritually healing. Smadar is a great, intuitive being. I would recommend this coaching to anyone who wants to work on their fears, hardships and joys in their lives.” Rebecca K., Social Worker, New York

“Your intuition and curiosity can lead anyone to fulfill their dream. I want to thank you for the safe place you created for me to open up, experience great discoveries and progress my life goals.” Aryeh Sh., Certified Life Coach, Israel

Breathwork Testimonials

“The Breathwork sessions I’ve had with Smadar were transformative. During the sessions I could feel a shift in my energy and a deep connection to a peace within. Smadar’s sensitive guidance and the safe and sacred atmosphere she creates encouraged a “letting go” into the process. I remember feeling held within the boundless inner and outer space. After the sessions I experienced something very powerful: a lightness of being and a free feeling. I felt fully ALIVE. Smadar’s sessions are truly an “Oh-wow!” experience.”
Ken R. Film Director, New York City

“I was very reluctant to do this type of breathing because normally I am a very shallow breather. But under Smadar’s expert guidance and the beautiful music it was easy to let go and relax into the experience. Once over this beginning hurdle, the rest of the experience was heavenly and I never wanted to come out. Absolutely a pure magical experience!! A must!!” Maya K., Real Estate Professional, New York City

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about Smadar. She is a generous teacher and gifted at making a safe space where all feel welcome and free to speak their hearts. As a complete beginner I was amazed at both the power of the Breathwork Smadar teaches and its immediate effect. Learning the practice with such a compassionate guide is truly special.” Hanna B. Psychology Student, New York City

“As a result of the Breathwork session I have experienced and understood for the first time in my life what clearing is. I have experience a newfound level of peacefulness and serenity” Aryeh Sh., Certified Life Coach, Israel

“Breathwork is really that….”work”. I thought it was going to be an easy, restful experience, but it turned out to be so much more thanks to Smadar’s gentle, yet insistent coaching. She overcame my reluctance to “work” and soon I was experiencing an intense vibration that soon transformed into a feeling of extraordinary freedom and power.”
Brian P., Writer, New York City

Clinical Supervision Testimonials

“I have known Smadar Yaish for close to 3 years. She has been my clinical supervisor and has always offered a unique perspective on my clients’ cases. Smadar has helped me uncover the different layers involved in case formulations, while enabling me to understand myself better in the process of counseling others. During our supervision sessions, I have learned how to integrate a wide range of approaches and clinical interventions in order to improve my counseling skills.” Olga G., Mental Health Counselor, New York City